The Broken Seal

Session 0 - pregame

What lead to this...

There is a legend in Siridun, of the strangely advanced old-world people who disappeared long ago. They are represented by a reoccurring image in their books and art: a door with seven seals. No one really seems to know what this means… of if someone does, it’s lost amid hundreds of wild theories.

Life moves on beyond the fairy tales…. or it did, until the last seal on that door broke and the apocalypse began— not with fire or undead, but the invasion of the abyss and the aberrations of the Dark Tapestry.

This is some of what came before.

One hundred years ago, to the day: the elvish noble house Aldaron was massacred by something in the dark— something that blighted the sun for an hour and brought down their elvish manor from tower to foundation. The land around was blighted and has never grown even a lonely weed since. The only survivors? The house matriarch, whose body was never found, and her only son: Envinyatar, who goes by Evan for the ease of his human neighbors.

Fifteen years past: King Erastus Vaughn to the throne of Daslind— a good king with— a paladin queen who ruled the richest nation on the continent with justice and compassion.

Six months past: An aasimar woman by the name of Aren Malloy announced that the end of the world was at hand. She found an ancient flying fortress said to belong to ‘the guardian of the seals’ and began to raise an army.

Three months past: A recently of-age fetchling summoner named Tobias Boon opened a portal to the plane of shadow in the great wizard’s college in Silverthal, Daslind. The experiment went wrong… or perhaps something influenced it on the other side, because while kytons poured into the material plane, it was accompanied by two figures: an elvish man and woman in black cloaks. The summoner’s eidolon knocked the infested tower of kytons into the sea before they could harm any of the other students… but the elves’ bodies were not found.

Yesterday: Aren Malloy and her followers attacked the capital of Daslind, with the aid of the Paladin queen, to attack King Erastus Vaughn.


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